Training course


13-22 September 






Are you ready to dig in the relationship with your body, improve your self-awareness, and explore movement as a self-development tool?

Passing from a language level to a physical level we trigger the emotion of the person, in this project we will discover how to do it, what is the impact on ourself and practice how to deliver it to others.


Using dancing, meditation, dance therapy, and music therapy activities, and embodied learning, we will not only experience it, but there will also be an opportunity to dig into how to organize it and implement it.

Our focus is on the level of embodied learning, with the advent of neuroscience, Rationalism has been greatly challenged. Theories of embodied cognition suggest that the mind is not an abstract and isolated entity. Rather the mind is integrated into the body’s sensorimotor systems (Barsalou, 19992008). Followingly, cognitive processes are mediated by “body-based systems”. In this method and approach of education, one does not only offer an intellectual way of teaching but also involve the whole body 


  • Involve actively 32 youth workers from 8 different countries in all phases of the project 

  • Improve knowledge about movement, body awareness, and self-perception

  • Experience a digital detox week: fully reconnect with yourself, take a break from electronic devices for 8 days 

  • Learn new methodologies, design and practice activities that foster direct interaction within young people, healthy lifestyles and the development of soft skills, dance, and movement

  • Improve your competencies in the area of facilitation and youth work

  • Implement 1 local activity per country back home to practice and spread what you learned

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